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to pay attention to; to keep an eye on; to take notice of; to take care; to pay heed to; to watch out for; to be careful of 上面任何一个都可以,谢谢!

表示“因为”: for as since because in that because of ; owing to ; on account of ; as a result of 表示“结果” as a result finally at last in the end end up with as a consequence of

问题的提出 名词性:raise of the question 动词性:raise/pose/introduce a/the question 动词性词组:put forward a/the question 或 come up with a/the question 不明白可继续提问。 若回答对您有所帮助,请点击本页面中的“选为满意回答”按...

不成立!你这样的逻辑本身就是不正确的 ~英语中一般都有习惯用语,就是咱们说的习语!你不能套用的~!

这个词有专门的谚语 Every cloud has a silver lining. 字面意思就是 每个乌云都有银色的衬里, 引申后 否极泰来, 时来运转

made of和made from be made of和be made from都表示“由……制成”,主语为制成品。 1.be made of 表示制成成品后,仍可看出原材料是什么,保留原材料的质和形状,制作过程仅发生物理变化。如: The kite is made of paper.风筝是用纸做的。 2.be ...

简单地说,描述状态的单个形容词习惯上放在被修饰的名词后面,即所谓“后置定语”。更多的例子: a friend close to him a car approaching a picture drawn work finished ...... 当然,这些形容词放在被修饰的名词前也是可以的: nearby restaur...

be afraid of doing be worried about be scared of worry about fear that从句

always是单词。词组是all the time

“经过……”的英文短语 pass by

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