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有权签署并有能力履行本合同 Have the right to sign and have the ability to perform this contract

酒店合作协议签订的翻译是:The signing of the hotel cooperation agreement

致使直接影响合同的履行,翻译成英文是: resulting in a direct impact on the performance of the contract. 例句: 由于不可抗力事故,致使直接影响合同的履行或者不能按约定的条件履行时,遇有不可抗力事故的一方,应立即将事故情况传真和邮...

应继续履行合同。 翻译成英文是: The contract shall be continued to fulfil. 注:履行合同,fulfil a contract.

按照合同履行权利义务的翻译是:Fulfill the rights and obligations in accordance with the contract


另行签订协议的英文翻译_百度翻译 另行签订协议 Separate agreement separate_百度翻译 separate 英[ˈseprət] 美['sepəreɪt] vt. 分开; (使) 分离; 区分; 隔开; vt. 分离(混合物); 分居; 分类; 割开; vi. 分手; 断裂; ...

给你一份较专业的翻译: Counterparts. This Agreement may be executed in one or more counterparts, duplicate originals, or facsimile or electronically transmitted versions (provided that the facsimile or electronically transmitte...

你好! 买卖双方签订合同后 After signing a contract between the buyer and the seller

本合同在履行过程中发生的争议 Disputes arising from the performance of this contract

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