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我想学画画 英文翻译:I want to learn to paint. I want to learn drawing的意思也是我想学画画 I want to learnt draw的意思也是我想学画画 paint. abbr.painter 画家; painter 画家; draw [英][drɔ:][美][drɔ] vt.& vi. 吸引; 绘画...

是 I want to learn to draw,没有learn drawing 的形式。 learn vt.& vi.学习,学会;习得;得知;记住 vt 1. 学习;学会learn (to do )sth He has learnt a new skill. 他学会了一项新技能。 My brother is learning English now. 我的弟弟正...


也可以加 to do ,都可以。

learn to draw 翻译成中文是:学绘画


B 试题分析: 考查代词。句意:我将在花假期一半的时间来练习英语,另外一半时间学习画画;根据句意,可知把假期分成两部分,所以另外一半叫the other,故选B项。 考点 : 考查代词

Learn to draw by first doodling during lesson, meeting or day dreaming. You can just shetch any thing that you can think of, see in front of you or imagine in you dream. Just sketch your teacher face when you are listning to hi...

小题1:D 小题2:A小题3:D小题4:C小题5:D 试题分析:短文大意:安的爷爷六十岁时开始学习绘画,十二年来,他画了很多,在他的工作室有很画。有一天,老人生病住院了。在他去世之前,他请安帮忙把他的画送给学校作纪念,但安认为他画得不好。小题1...

一篇—— As we all know,English is becoming more and more important with the need of communication【交流】 all over the world. Then how to learn English and master【精通,掌握】 it to help us communicate【vt.交流】 with others? T...

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