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歌曲:《365 Days》 歌手:ZZ Ward 所属专辑:《Til the Casket Drops》 歌词中文翻译: Your clothes out on the blacktop 你的衣服散落在柏油路上 Scattered suits on the street 散乱的西装掉在街上 Frames and broken pictures in the mid-S...

已发右上角HI(等级右边) 满意请采纳lyfty2007的答案哦 如果有疑问,请追问 如果没收到 请留下邮箱 --------------------------------- 下次需要什么歌的链接 请单击我名字 然后“向TA提问” 尽量帮您实现 其他需要链接的朋友也可以向我提问 但请不...

"Move Like U Stole It" Mmm, I want you in my bed in a minute flat, Let's hit the backseat of your cherry Cadillac, I bet you never guessed, Or came prepared for this, I like your bowtie, glasses on your eyes, You better push th...

It was the coldest night of the year, Snow-covered street lamps and Belvedere, The moon was just a sliver, The light was fading, The war was on its way, And we were waiting, You asked me how long I'd stay by your side, So I ans...

文件已上传至百度网盘 下载地址发你百度hi上了 ------------------------ 看下网页右上角, 有消息就是 ---------------------- 文件最多保留一个月, --------------------- 请尽快下载哦 -------------------- 若没收到请留个邮箱 ===========...

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